A rustic wedding, an invitation to an unforgetable celebration.

Rustic Weddings

A printed rustic country invitation shows that you care, both about the party and the person you're throwing the party for. For the couple who want a truly unique look for their wedding, the invitations are a wonderful place to start. You get to make what you want and how you want it using colors, papers and words. You can express yourself using creativity and style you never knew you had! Take the time to select an invitation that reflects the true spirit that you share as a couple, and do not worry about whether it presents a traditional look. Some ideas to consider.

A great invitation is the first order of business when planning a party. And, it's the first thing your guests will see to let them know they are invited to your party. So, shouldn't an invitation be as special, personal and as great as the party is going to be. Take a look at what the top designers are offering for your 2009 wedding invitation needs.

And, every invitation you make is always one of a kind! There are a variety of ways that photographs can be incorporated into the wedding invitations. However, if you're throwing a formal rustic bash for your mother-in-law or your boss, printed rustic country invitations are essential. If you do not personally know everyone on the guest list, a phone call or email is out of the question. With the full color photographs, you will have to put the invitation's wording on a separate panel so that it will be clearly visible.

Invitations with drawings - Subtle, black and white line drawings are a romantic touch to wedding invitations, and a wonderful way to make your invitations unique. A simple drawing of a church, wedding bells or a depiction of the couple as children all add an interesting touch to wedding invitations. You can also include fun facts about the rustic country honoree, RSVP information, gift suggestions, directions to the party, or anything else guests may find useful.

Printed rustic country invitations can enhance the party theme.

All you really need is a good pair of scissors, a couple different papers, a paper-cutter, adhesive, maybe some ribbon and a little creativity!

Choose invitations depicting a barn or a shed. Hosting a party for a stargazer. Choose invitations featuring outer space, aliens or rocket ships. Throwing a sport theme rustic country. Create invitations in the shape of a country item using their favorite team's colors. Is your rustic country honoree an animal lover.

Go nontraditional

Some couples balk at the idea of following the strict format of wedding tradition. If you're an artist or avid scrap booker, you will find handcrafting personalized rustic invitations to be a blast. Print your wedding details on small cards, and enclose them in a small box of chocolates for each guest. Write a love story about you and your fiancé, which culminates in a wedding invitation, and have it printed in booklet form, and mail to your guests. The options are endless, and limited only by your imagination.

Keep in mind that invitations do have an important job. No matter how carefree or nontraditional you and your fiancé are, the invitation should include the date, time and location of the wedding and the reception. If you expect a response from your guests, it is also important to include a self addressed envelope with postage included. As long as these important pieces of wedding etiquette are adhered to, you can be as unique and nonconforming as you like with the rest of the invitation. You can make the rustic country invitation even more personal for the guest if you include a handwritten note just for them such as, "Hope you can make it!" or "Can't wait to see you!".

Identifying whether the party is for a rustic, wedding anniversary, bridal shower or house-warming should obviously be the first step in not only designing the invitation, but also planning the party. Absolutely. If you send a rustic country invitation for your son's rustic wedding, your grandmother's 100th rustic or your cousin's wedding, it is very possible that friends and family will keep that invitation in their photo album or scrapbook as a remembrance of the momentous occasion. Photo rustic country invitations are especially fabulous for big rustic occasions. If you plan on celebrating with a formal ceremony, make sure to mention that on the invitation, such as "black tie requested".

Printed rustic country invitations can be inexpensive. If you choose a postcard invitation option, you'll save on both printing costs and postage without sacrificing the "wow factor" of sending a printed invitation. There are a variety of personalized options available online and in stores. Do-it-yourself invitations are usually the least expensive option until you consider the time it will take you to print and assemble them all.

Printed invitations can also save you time, if you order from an on line retailer such as post cards.

This also contributes to the style of your invitation. Color plays a big part in the overall look of your invitation, so getting it just right is very important. You can save even more time when you upload your guest list and allow them to address, stamp and mail the invitations for you as well. If the party is for a young woman turning 30, then design the invitation depending on her personality. If she is more fun and out-going, then you would want to choose colors that portray that, such as a bright pink and black color scheme with maybe a zebra print paper.

The same thing goes if you are planning a party for no particular person, such as a party or a summer get-together. They are not just for rustic parties. You should consider printed invitations for any special occasion with a guest list including anniversaries, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, retirement parties, holiday parties and graduations. For a summer get-together, a fun red and white checkerboard design would fit perfectly with a picnic theme.

Choose your style of rustic wedding invitation

A style for an invitation basically means the overall layout and design of the invitation. Also decide if your layout is going to be vertical, horizontal or a folded card style. You can design some great invitations using any layout. For a vertical design, using a lot of layers works great. Adding a ribbon either at the top or through the middle looks beautiful too. For a horizontal design, try off-centering your text sheet to the right and adding a strip of printed paper to the left side. The offset text and the print sheet balance each other out and create a really great look. Layer the front of it with different papers and add a ribbon, or use some punches and create a beautiful eyelet trimmed edge. The possibilities are endless!

Before going to the store to pick out the papers you will use, sit down and sketch out what you think the invitation should look like, or what you want it to look like. You can even make a few different sketches and then when you are picking the papers, you may end up liking the design more of one sketch rather than another.

Pick your invitation papers

Now that you've chosen the style and layout of your invitation, the next step is to pick out the papers you will be using to assemble it. You can find thousands of scrapbooking papers in sizes 8-1/2" x 11" and 12" x 12" at any craft or scrapbooking store or even online. The prices are very reasonable starting at about $0.29 a sheet and going up to $1.00 a sheet depending on the type of paper.

You can choose the other colors of cardstock for your invitation from within that pattern. Choose a couple different colored sheets because layers look great. Try lighter shades and darker shades and determine which looks best with your pattern and the style you've chosen for your rustic wedding invitation. You can also use a translucent paper on your invitation which works well as an overlay sheet or directly as the text sheet.

Decide if you will use embellishments.

Once you have chosen your papers, decide if you want to add embellishments to your invitation. Embellishments can include metal brads, gemstones, ribbons, stickers and more. If you are using a translucent sheet, consider using a ribbon or some metal brads to attach it to the rest of your papers.

When writing the text or wording for your invitation, it is helpful to use a computer program, which is quick and easy. Landscape means horizontal and portrait means vertical.

Remember to include who or what the party is for, when the party is, the time, the location and a "respond to" or RSVP name and phone number and/or email. Make the text eye-catching. Sometimes a large round font looks best with a child's invitation using fun patterned paper, but an elegant cursive font accentuates the beauty of a timeless bridal shower invitation. It also looks great when you use two different fonts. Try using a print font for the main body of the text and a cursive font for the name or event.

Test print on inexpensive printer paper rather than your more expensive cardstock.

Cut all papers to size for your invitations.

The next step in creating your invitation is to cut all papers down to the size they will be used. Most invitations overall size is 5-1/2" x 8" which is the size when one 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of cardstock is cut in half. Depending on the style and layout of your invitation, you will need reveals or margins between the layers.

Make one complete invitation before cutting all the papers to size to make sure it looks exactly as you planned. You may need to tweak a size here or there and it is much easier to do on one sheet rather than multiple sheets. Once you know each layer is the right size, it is a good idea to cut all your papers down before assembling them.

Suggestions are a glue stick, glue rollers, or permanent mounting squares. The mounting squares work well because they are repositionable for a short time and they are available in either white or clear. The clear is great to use when you need to attach a translucent paper because it is basically invisible.

Be sure to keep all layers centered and keep all reveals the same. Don't get sloppy. You can look online to find help and instructions on tying a perfect bow.

The Cake

We did a small cutting cake because we still wanted the cake cutting moment and the cake toppers. my thoughts are can I please be invited that sounds marvelous and delicious My friend did pies instead of cake and they were delicious. We had thought about a pie table as well, rather than separate table pies. Growing up I always had birthday pies instead of cake, so it was pretty much a given.

My cousin had apple pie at her rustic wedding in an apple orchard - it was great! I have friends who went to a wedding last year where they had many different kinds of pie instead of cake and they RAVED about it afterwards! Our groom's cake was pecan pie, because my groom isn't a huge cake fan, but always raves about the pecan pie my aunt serves at family meals. If you want pie instead of cake, then go for it! We're going to have cake and cheesecake bites at our wedding! They had pie from the local company, and had them make one with a heart shape on it for the "cutting cake". There will be no cake at my wedding—both of us dislike it, as do most of our families.

My friend had a pie bar at her rustic wedding and it was a huge hit! I just attended a wedding that only had pie and it was fantastic. Neither of us likes cake so we're doing apple pie with ice cream!! You could get someone to make a cake that looks like a pie.

We got 3 different kinds of pies from Grand Traverse Pie Company and it worked out great. I thought our pie idea was unique.judging by all of the responses on this post I was dreadfully wrong. I"m planning on doing a small, two tier cake for the cutting and if anyone wants cake and then doing a dessert bar with cookies, shortcake, brownies and mini pies. My only advice would be to have the pie cut and on plates already on the dessert table. But we served pie to the guests because pie is awesome and it seems like there's something for everyone.

This is great, and gives you an opportunity to incorporate both side of your new family through their recipes! She was sheepish about it when we asked if she would be willing to make the groom's cake, which is how we discovered that her pies aren't homemade. It was a hit- we served the pie to each guest and this was our receiving line. They held their casual wedding during the family's usual Fourth of July week festivities. The nice thing about pie is that you can make it all ahead of time and freeze it. Go for it :) My best friend did this at her wedding. for example formatting If you're going the pie route, consider pies on a stick. I loved having cake. As a non cake eating person, pie is awesome. We're thinking about having individual table pies. I don't think anyone missed the cake at all.

My Wife and I did the same for our wedding, we got married in a an old barn and we did a pie bar, it was a table with three pies of our choosing.

I've noticed the trend in wedding cakes seems to be to have a really tall layer or all layers really tall. You're really good at your job. Beautiful! Is it just an aesthetic thing or is there another reason for the really tall layers? I think it's just for looks I love it this way all tall lures seems odd but when it's just one I think it's to add height as in this case thank you so much! They let me be creative I absolutely love my job! I've honestly never seen this kind of work from a grocery store bakery.

I love the color scheme.

Wichita, KS Hello, I had someone that wanted these in the Twin Cities area.

Years ago, I attended a wedding at The Oaks Lodge on Chippewa Lake. Want an outdoor ceremony, reception indoor with option to set up outside. I just got married at Tom's country place and used the outside ceremony space and it was beautiful. Use phrases like "Ohio Barn Rentals near me" "Barn rentals rentals" I have seen some lovely barn venus before. seriously everyone keeps saying how great my wedding was. I think several of the area wineries can be used as wedding venue The Cleveland Metroparks have several different facilities that can accommodate depending on what you're looking for. My brother had his wedding at SNPJ Recreation Center in Willoughby .

I absolutely loved the Meadow Ridge 'Farm' in Amish Country off of Mayfield road by 524.or bout 33 min from Mayfield Heights. They also have full catering services, but here's the thing: if I recall correctly, they can only accommodate about 80 people max. I've looked at the Botanical Gardens which are too expensive and not a big fan of Holden.

Like I said, I have been to many wedding venues but am just asking around for any possible diamonds in the rough that I may not know about.

I've been to the standard Salvatore's, Samuel's country weddings and while they were nice, we are looking for something a bit different. I was downtown last weekend and someone was doing their reception at Shea's--I always thought that would be a nice place.

I loved having our wedding here.

I'm doing pearl street for my wedding - they've been great to work with and I'm pretty sure its gonna be fantastic I got married at Asbury Hall. were mountain biking at Hunters Creek County Park and there was a wedding happening there.

However, I can't really call it "unique" That's a pretty popular place to have weddings now. My friends recently get married at the Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo, it was a cool little banquet hall that was pretty unique. Hey guys, I popped the question a couple weeks ago and my fiance and I are starting to look for fun, unique venues in WNY for our big day. My friends were very happy with their wedding there. Great looking place, lots of space, and the people were crazy accommodating and awesome. I know that you know everything about everything but unfortunately, I don't have that luxury. Inside or outside really doesn't matter at this point in the process as we are just looking to pick people's brains and get a bigger list of non-standard wedding venues going. Going to a wedding at the manuscript library next month. Check out Freedom Run, they have a clean barn and a ton of space outdoors for setting up a tent etc. Burchfield Penney was great for a relatively informal wedding.

Can I Get Married In the Country

This sort of question to me is like a person asking do you think I should do this. I have friends that have gotten married or will be getting married in the next year at the Rose Garden in Delaware Park, St. You have good taste ;) Templeton Landing is really nice, The Saturn Club, Tonawanda Castle, the Buffalo Club, if you know a member. My friend is getting married there in a few weeks, but I'll be missing it, sadly . I hear North Hall is nice, too, but it was too big for what we wanted. If you're not opposed to a small hike, check that place out ;) That sounds awesome! You'd have to get your own liquor license though My wife and I were married at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Porter Hall and it was awesome! Just attended a wedding there 2 weeks ago. Luke's Mission of Mercy on Walden, Pearl Street Brewery, the Burchfield Penney gallery, and Allegany State Park. We had an absolute blast at this place 10/10 would wed there again. They had their reception at Hamlin House on Franklin and it was awesome.

My friends who are getting married at the Rose Garden are having their reception at the Marcy Casino and my friends who are getting married at St.

When you read their website you will see that:

Also, northeast Ohio is loaded with golf courses and many of them have event spaces in their clubhouse. Similar to jms18's recommendation for the Metroparks, all of the surrounding counties also have metropark systems and each has event spaces. Rivercrest Farm in Dover, OH would be perfect except that's nearly a 2 hour drive. These are not the only venues in the Medina area, however.

Obviously burgundy & birch were the inspirations for our decor - but this could work well with a variety of color schemes.

Someone got married. We'd both known Ellie Hummel before we asked her to officiate, and it showed in how she did things. Either way, you're now at a reception - as an invited guest, part of the entourage, tending the bar, waiting on guests, or just married. It was pretty hot, and very crowded, but it felt right.

As I've always tried to keep the total accounts I read (including feeds and communities) below 500, in order to keep up with actual, RL friends and friends of friends, I've removed a chunk of feeds and some actual LJs; I believe most of these to be dormant, but others are simply people I've not really connected with or even heard from much recently. I'll try and get the author and title.

Take a spin on the dance floor - with the bride, the groom, your 1, or a friend. Some people set great store by these things, so just thought I'd say. The Chicken Dance, or Take My Breath Away. Mingling. - catch up with friends and family you haven't seen in a while.

Line up at the buffet table - how will you know if those delicacies are real unless you question them.. Save space for the cake. toast the happy couple, but try and go easy on the champagne. Bouquet or garter toss - did you catch it. did you even want to.

Grab a friend and try to look busy, or find a place to hide. Smile. - if you're in the 21st century, chances are high that pics will be online before the night is over; try not to get caught in an unflattering pose. you didn't even want to be here.

Obligatory ship option - slow dances, confessions, a quickie in a bathroom stall.

You have great taste (: We offer free shipping on most items if you're looking for Western/Rustic Lodge decor. I'm super interested in your gifts and Mr. Mrs. Signs, as well as all of the lanterns, and the burgundy lace table runners. You can make this a one stop shop for all your decorations or pick and choose as needed. Hello, If you are planning a wedding with a rustic feel, then this post is for you! Decoration Inventory I'm having a rustic vintage wedding and my main color is burgundy! Follow the link below for a working list of decoration descriptions, pictures, and suggested price. I'm located in the Midwest but a little bit too far away from you to drive there!

I am not willing to ship these items.

Rustic Wedding Decor

We will accept best, yet reasonable, offers on all items.

Oh and I just remembered, the thing that says "Cards" is actually a piece of paper on top of the original metal piece . Picture Just pay shipping, which I imagine might be around $15 just because of the size? My fiancé and I are looking for anything rustic. Our colors are yellow, blue, grey and brown. I'll pm you once I talk to the fiancé.

The Edmonton Queen, not really a secret but its definitely an over looked venue My cousin had her reception at the Celtic Hall and it was really nice!! The Edmonton Scottish Society has a nice, rustic hall that is a good size for around 200 guests. I shoot a few weddings and work with some other wedding photographers, so I've seen a few locations. wedding party: Hall is a pretty good spot. It's insane how far in advance you have to book wedding venues! Best advise I can give about the day is.The Day is about you and your partner, the reception is for your guests! U of A faculty club, McGrath Mansion, and Snow Valley are some of the venues I've casually looked into. My mom had her wedding reception there year before last.

I thought that it would be a nice place for a smaller wedding.

I always make sure to dress up if I am doing a wedding there! Wouldn't anything posted here not be a best kept secret, by definition? We've been looking and found a few decent hotel ballrooms, but perhaps someone knows of a cool, unique, pretty place. Book your Sunday wedding and save $800 on the facility rental fee for 2016 and 2017! Whispering Pines Conference Center is a rustic wedding venue tucked away in West Greenwich, Rhode Island.

I know some places that are not common public knowledge that are good- thus making them 'secret'-ish I guess. While we're at it, how much does a rustic country wedding with 100 people usually cost? It costs $1050 to rent from Friday to Sunday morning, so you can do set up and tear down on either side of the wedding. We're having our wedding at the Old Timer's Cabin on Scona road. It was okay, but there was some sort of country party happening in the other wine and there was straw everywhere. Rutherford house makes some classy photos.not really good for a medium or larger reception. Would cut the power to the DJ if they went even a minute over 1 AM.

The Rustic Wedding Venue

We went with London Heritage farm- it was just what we were looking for. does anybody have a nice rural farm they want to rent out for $500! The Stewart Farmhouse, Saar Bank Farms, and the UBC Farm were good options but unavailable. It will be catered and we want liquor served so it can't be in a park or campsite or beach. Thanks! Fort Langley Winery,London Heritage Farm Kirkland house Limbert

The food is excellent! Are you looking for a ceremony location, a reception location, a location for both, or maybe two separate locations? Numerous edits adding info.I'm a rustic wedding geek, it's what I do. Snow Valley has a beautiful reception hall for a 'rustic chalet' feel.

All the Fridays and Saturdays were already taken when we were there, so we had to go with a Sunday. People will mostly remember 2 things about the day.If there was good food and if they had fun dancing. I'm surprised how many places are booked already, I thought I was getting started early searching now for August 2016, but I guess not. In the fall, I was doing a family photo shoot down in Whitemud park and I stumbled upon the Alfred H. Savage Centre. Any suggestions for a cute, 'different' wedding venue? I have been to over 600 weddings in the last 15 years in and around Edmonton.

Unique Venues

We'd rather not have the cookie cutter hotel wedding, hence this post and to find somewhere that is less likely to be booked, and a little more original.

Just trying to be smart arsed - don't pay me any mind :) I once went to a pretty cool dance at the Muttart Conservatory. The Yellowhead Brewery has event rooms that can easily handle a couple hundred people, or smaller, if that's the way you want to go. I've been to both a wedding and a Christmas party there. The only downside is after 11 pm the music can only go so loud as the rooms below the hall are usually booked. Edmonton Petroleum Club is classy and can do ceremonies upstairs and reception downstairs.

A few people I know rent the lodge at the Edmonton Police Campsite. It's a nice little city facility tucked into a great woodsy area, right off the Whitemud.

There's also a nice open room at the other Petroleum club in Spruce Grove.

And the parks near by can make for some really nice pictures. I'm pretty against the standard conference room reception, so I feel ya. I remember as a student I only ever went there by invitation from a prof. The hall is on the far southside, but has plenty of parking.

Its a pretty nice area.

Tied for first place with my best friend's wedding in Italy so that should tell you something. Anyone know of potential wedding venues north of the city ? Check out this post We actually contacted Lowden House but the other recommendations at the bottom are useful!

Colorful Times of the Year

We figure worst case scenario, we'll probably go anyways with the bridal party a day or two before or after. It was cozy classy rustic, also helped by the awesome cover band Merrimac and a midnight delivery of pizzas. We've looked at some but nothing's really stood out for us. My friend had her wedding at the Gaspereau Vineyards. I've looked through past posts but haven't seen anything like what we're looking for: a place that's just close to nature and nothing too frilly or conference-centre-y. Crystal Cliffs in Antigonish was the venue for one of the best wedding invitationss I've ever found.

I'm getting married at the Yellowhead Brewery in August 2015 and I booked it in April.

The lights all flicker in the ceiling to give the look of stars and look over the city from the top of the hotel. Old Pioneers Cabin Polish Hall - nothing really special how it looks, but the food has always been made by a bunch of Polish Grandmothers!! $1600 for a Friday or Saturday rental and catering packages starting at $36/head gratuity and tax. It has a cool medieval feel and fits a fair number of people.


I really like yellowhead, is that place any cheaper? Edited to add a bit more information: my husband and I got married in the Park Room a month and a half ago, booked the venue in January. WARNING: You ride by an outfall and part of the trip will stink to high heaven! If I price out snow valley it's 14000 booze for the reception. Great space, great staff, amazing food and UNLIMITED BEER :) We've rented our house for small wedding invitations. I am a local Entertainer, I DJ mostly weddings and Staff Parties. Did a cermony out by Stoney Plain just outside the Pioneers Museum.it was perfect for a fall ceremoney with the feild in the back ground! Damn, $13 per person corkage fee and you're still bringing your own booze. The staff is amazing, Laura replies promptly to inquiries. Celtic Hall - If you have the family and friends that would dress up the part! If I know some, I'm sure others have some they know of too.

They also have a caterer, and I've heard good things about the food. Sorry, but you're going to be SOL if you're looking for Saturdays in August. Blue Willow - nice down in a little valley at a log cabin. Hotel Selkirk at Fort Edmonton is pretty cool. Great central location with lots of parking and it looks great inside. A friend of mine got married there a couple of years ago.

Rustic Wedding Invitations for Makers

Handmade rustic wedding invitations. You'll be hard-pressed to find less-than-stellar reviews for wedding venues just about anywhere, especially on wedding websites like Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc. agreed 100% I'm attending a wedding this spring at The Vineyards in Riverhead NY and from what I've seen, it looks beautiful! hey all, just starting to look into some wedding venues.

Most of the venues I was looking at are on the smaller side:

Bedell vineyard, Clovis point, Corey Creek, Duck walk, harmony, Jamesport vineyards, laurel lake, macari, Lenz, old field, osprey dominion, palmer, Pindar, wolffer estate. i have, but to be honest i'm not sure how much I trust those types of sites. the barn idea seems cool, but also has been done a million times before and seems it could be very DIY. thanks! Have you tried They let you sort by locations, and you can select "barn" or "water views" to help narrow it down. and, as you can tell, we are sort of trying to determine which direction to take the wedding.

I think there's a listing on r/NewEnglandwedding, I don't know if it's broken down by style though. But they tended to be cheaper than comparable places in MA; so I would send you looking there first. The hotel they got a block at is about a 10 minute drive away from the venue -- not bad at all :) The Vineyards isn't very rustic. We also found some GREAT rustic places in CT, but they were farther than we wanted to travel. Most vineyards are open year round for tastings anyway, the farms you may have to make an appointment at. My wedding budget is also around $35k and they would have fit comfortably within that.

That being said there's a bajillion actual wineries, and barns on eastern long Island to choose from.

We are in MA and I have a whole list and that was towards the top. Some are really reasonable but others are $10k to step foot on the property with NOTHING included . Driftwood farm, Nuggels barn, salt air farm, George Wrien farm are all barns that do weddings.

One tip though, many of these locations have strict time limits and some have music limitations . The Vineyards isn't very rustic. There are a bunch of wineries on Seneca and Cayuga that are beautiful.

I imagine some have to be pay to play.

I almost booked Buttonwood Grove Winery, you should check it out! Zukas Hilltop is a pretty, pretty place. we live in the NY/NJ area and want to stay somewhat local. way too many amazing 5-star reviews and such. thinking if we can stay in NY, NJ, CT and maybe even as far as RI, MA and VT. bonus points for ease of finding accommodations in the vicinity.

My total fav vineyard that was a bit out of budget for us was La Belle Winery in NH. I may have drooled a bit looking at their other weddings hosted there photos. There's more I'm sure I'm missing. It is nice, but it's a pretty generic catering hall inside.

Martha Clara is gorgeous and huge, can fit a large rustic wedding. They're just meant to be a search engine to find options.

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